"Classroom Challenge" Teachers Kit for high school students. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of UN peacekeeping (1956-2006). Teach high school students about UN peacekeeping by giving them a creative and interactive video assignment that can be entered into our National Video Competition on "What does UN peacekeeping mean to you?". Prizes for students & classrooms.


Teachers Guide and Student's Manual for Secondary School Grades. The goal is educating youth about disarmament, non-proliferation and human security issues.


Resources for Teachers, kids and youth, Elementary Grades. Goal: Educating about the UN, global issues and Canada's Contribution.


A Model United Nations (MUN) is a conference that simulates activities of the United Nations. It is a form of experiential education. Goal: To raise awareness about current global issues, the benefits of cooperation, and the functions and structure of the United Nations.

Teacher's Guide and Resources for Secondary School Grades: Goal: To increase the sensitivity of young Canadians to the plight of refugees and the UN's involvement in refugee issues.