Lesson 1: Introduction to Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

PowerPoint Presentations on Disarmament


Disarmament Guide

UN Organizational Structure

Lesson 2: Small Arms and Light Weapons

Child combatants  - Photoessay

Online Learning Module


Small Arms Exhibit Online

United Nations – Disarmament Education (powerpoint presentations)

Lesson 3: Landmines

Ban 'em Now! - Photogallery

Clear Landmines - Interactive Map of Landmines and Countries

Foreign Affairs Canada… list of photogalleries

Landmines -The Hidden Enemy Photogallery

Mines Action Canada - Photogallery

Photogallery, interactive map, video clips

Seeds of Carnage – Photogallery

Resources:  Can be ordered from

Videos – Free 

Measured Steps: The Global Movement to Ban Landmines

(2000; 17 mins)

Provides an overview of the landmine problem, a history of diplomatic efforts resulting in the Ottawa Convention, a look at current mine action and a section on "What You Can Do".

One Step at a Time: The Campaign to Ban Landmines

(1998; 24 mins)

An award-winning documentary distributed in 26 countries, One Step at a Time describes the landmine problem and the drive for a global ban.

In Years, Not Decades: The International Movement to Ban Landmines

(1998; 8 minutes)

This is a shorter version of the “One Step at a Time” documentary.


Ban Landmines! The Ottawa Process and the International Movement to Ban Landmines

(1998; PC compatible)
An interactive, educational resource that leads you step-by-step through aspects of the movement to ban landmines and the realization of the Ottawa Convention.  User-friendly and filled with information, including an incredible
archive of documents, videos and images, all searchable.

Lesson 4: Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

Treaty on Non-Proliferation(PowerPoint)

Chernobyl Disaster:  WebQuest

Control the Nuclear PowerPlant (simulation)

Global Security Simulator – CBW and Nuclear

Nuclear Danger and Global Survival

Nuclear energy – online video

Nuclear Quiz

Nuclear WebQuest

Nuclear Waste Disposal Webquest


Black Wind, White Land - Living with Chernobyl

Avoiding Armageddon (can be ordered)

Cold War Culture – The Nuclear Fear of the 1950s and 1960s

List of Videos and Sound Clips

List of Films Featuring Allusions to Nuclear Bombs


Lesson 5: Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW)


Anthrax video

Biological Warfare Video (online)

Bioterror (PBS Video – purchase)

Bioterror – PBS Video and Teacher Resources

CBW Online Videos

NOVA Online 

Understanding/Preparing for Bioterrorism (video clip)


CBW – Interactive  (What are they and what do they do?)

History of Bio Terror  (Flash)

Global Guide to Bioweapons (Interactive map)

Protective Suits worn by soldiers in Iraq to counteract threat of bioterror

Making Vaccines – science class

Simulator – Online game

Sound Clips

Understanding the Threats of Bioterrorism


Lesson 6 Road to Disarmament and Non-Proliferation:
A Human Security Approac